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If you own handmade pots, you know the secret joy in reaching for your favorite piece - the tiny dread when an accident prone family member uses it - the slight pity you feel for all the other dishes you push aside. My pottery is meant to be used, so here are a few tips for caring for handmade ceramics:

  • I make my own glazes and they have undergone testing to ensure food safety. My work is dishwasher and microwave safe. Keep in mind that handmade pots prefer to be hand washed so avoiding the dishwasher and microwave will extend the life of your pottery.

  • As with all ceramics, avoid pouring boiling liquid directly into the pots. The interior heats more quickly than the exterior which could result in cracking. 

  • The porcelain I work with is not rated for flameware or bakeware. 

  • A broken piece of pottery is heartbreaking... but it also means it was getting used. I am an advocate of allowing children to use handmade ceramic dishes. There is a heightened sense of responsibility and understanding that they have the opportunity to develop. Yes, there is an occasional break. Apologies are made, shards are gathered, and we remember that not everything is replaceable.


​For my ceramic sculptures: you can use compressed air to 'dust' the work. They can also be run under water, but some pieces have small crevices that dust might settle into. 

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