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My work is created using a mid range porcelain. I love the texture, brightness, and translucency of the material. I also love how it challenges my abilities as I work to accentuate the translucent qualities. 

The hand building process doesn't begin with clay. Instead, I start by creating a linoleum cut with a repeating pattern or texture. Each one is 12" x 18" and can take between 15 and 40 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the pattern. The lino cuts then are used in my studio to add texture to thin slabs of clay.  


My wheel thrown work is usually carved with lacy, mandala like patterns or sculptural elements. I also create sculptural work, heavily inspired by the natural world. For these pieces, I hand sculpt each part of the work, looking for relationships between individual elements.

Once I build the work, it goes through a process of drying and firing. With thin work, controlling the speed of these processes is essential. When the first firing is complete, each pot is glazed and fired again. This second firing matures the glaze, but it also vitrifies the clay, causing the pieces to be translucent where thin.

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