Textured Vase

Textured Vase


It's a vase! Vases are one of my favorite things to use (and to make). I love the idea of pottery so frivolous that it's sole purpose is to hold flowers. Not helpful with food service, can't store anything, just here to bring a little beauty indoors. Small vases in a group, vases filled with interesting twigs, cuttings from the yard or flowers brighten up and change a space.


This vase was initially created on the potter's wheel. After drying a bit, I carved texture into the surface. The interior of the vase is glazed but the exterior was left raw. I like the bone-like quality of unglazed porcelain and how it interacts with delicate flower petals. This one has a narrow neck making it easy to fill with just a few stems.



The vase marked with a red asterisk indicates this listing. Measures 6 inches tall.

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