Ombre Anemone Study

Ombre Anemone Study


I'm pretty proud of this one. A couple years ago, I started mixing mason stains into my clay so I could add color to my sculptures without adding the 'skin' of glaze. I tried glaze, but detail gets lost and it feels like the glaze separates the viewer from the form. The mason stains are wonderful, but there is a learning curve. Some stains change the consistency of the clay, some burn out when fired, others interact with chemicals in the clay or firing atmosphere to give unexpected results. So, all that to say that when I have successes, they are extra special to me. This form was inspired by anemones and lion's mane mushrooms. I am mostly interested in how each element interacts with its neighbors, building relationships within the negative space.


Easy to hang on a wall or it can sit on a surface. I clean these with compressed air or a blow dryer, just to keep the dust at bay. Measures 7 inches in diameter.

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