Hydrangea Study

Hydrangea Study


My sculptural wall pieces are a joy to make. They start with a small idea - sometimes a bit of texture or something I find on the shore while walking at the beach. Each element is sculpted and combined with others, I make adjustments as I go, noticing the relationships between the individuals and how they contribute to the whole. I wish there was a trick I could reveal here, some clever technique I use to make the work, but there isn't. I just sit still and sculpt each tiny part, joining them together, often removing large sections of the work to restart. I can't exactly name the thing I am after - some unity that makes the whole thing sing, a feeling of quiet that translates visually, fragility that makes it feel like a snapshot of a moment. This one was inspired by the delicate petals of hydrangeas and by the witch's butter fungi I found on a walk. Strange folds and subtle veins were my focus, each line drawn with a porcupine quill I was gifted (one of my favorite tools).


Easy to hang on a wall or it can sit on a surface. I clean these with compressed air or a blow dryer, just to keep the dust at bay. Measures 7 inches in diameter.

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