Clouds Mug

Clouds Mug


Instead of using the potter's wheel, I hand build my mugs using slabs. My slab built work is textured by pressing clay into 12x18" sheets of linoleum that I have carved a pattern into. This allows me to add surface design without having to use color so I can maintain the natural translucency of porcelain. This also results in work that is more organic than the work made on the potter's wheel. Due to the nature of hand building with porcelain, most of the pieces are 'off round' and the pattern falls a little differently on each one. Working within the format of a 12x18" slab and the limitations of porcelain excite me and keep me engaged. 


About this pattern: I call it Clouds because the negative spaces between the textures are cloud shaped. The original idea for this texture didn't come from clouds, but from the reflection of clouds on the wet sand on a low tide beach. Evening, low tide, long walk: the best. 


These mugs are approximately 4 inches tall and will hold 14 fluid ounces. Dishwasher and microwave safe. As there are several of this pattern available, the mug pictured may not be the exact one you recieve. 

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