Votive Holder

Votive Holder


One of the cool things about porcelain is that when it is vitrified (fired to maturation in a kiln) and thin, it is translucent. This quality is what drew me to porcelain. My votive candle holders are really just a chance for me to explore the translucency of the material. Using sharp carving tools, I cut patterns into the leather hard (cheddar cheese consistency) clay. It is meditative and satisfying and I wish everyone had a chance to try it out!


I use these for candles, but you can use them for whatever you like - maybe a cute succulent or a place to keep earrings. Because the exterior is raw clay, I wouldn't use it as a drinking vessel. You could, but it wouldn't feel as smooth on your lips. 


Measures 3 inches tall and 4 in diameter.

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